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2004-11-17 - 7:21 a.m. -- Well, I should be working...

I'm posting just so big Dick Cheney will be removed from the first page. Julie thought maybe it was photoshopped, but as I understand it's real. And speaking of politics, I would like to point out that the Republicans are trying to change a rule to keep Tom DeLay in office. The rule says when you've been indicted for something that you have to leave your post. It was instated and used againt an IL democrat in 1993. As Nancy Pelowski from CA said, not only do the Republicans already have low ethical standards, but they're trying to lower them.

In other news I replaced the serpentine belt on my truck -- twice. The first time the new belt didn't fit and i put the old one back on to drive to the auto parts store and find out they gave me the one for '99 Rangers without air conditioning. Shoot! They still sell those?! Anyways, it probably took me an extra hour to do what amounted to a 5 minute job. Especially after I made a special tool from the motorcycle lift handle, a box end wrench, and some duct tape. I was able to reach the tensioner easily and had a lot of leverage to hold it open while I put the belt over the last pulley.

Apparently Dusty is following my lead in forgetting to post on Big D Storytime.

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my digital camera. I've done a lot of reading about digital photography and photoshop. So I'm ready to put my newly acquired knowledge to use. Thanks to the power of the internet, I know it was last on its way through Ohio.

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