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2002-10-03 - 1:13 p.m. -- That Darn Cat

So 2 days ago, the Evangelou's cat knocked some wreath down from way up on a set of bookcases in the computer room - like 7 feet up. Found that when we first got home, and the cat was just kind of sitting around like she knew she'd been bad. Well, later during supper, I mentioned how she had not jumped up on the counter like usual - right after I said that Julie saw her get up on three legs and try to walk. It is visibly broken, like flopping around, mildly swollen, and bruised-looking broken. So the cat broke her leg - cat goes to ISU vet college that night for some emergency fee and to be fed painkillers all night. X-rays show the cat destroyed her leg - bits and pieces type fracture. They say they'll have to do surgery but might not be able to fit her in that day. Turns out they did fit her in yesterday, but that wasn't good cause the cat didn't respond to the anastesia well and her heart stopped - maybe before they really did anything, I'm not sure. So I'm wondering if the vet college killed the cat or the cat just wasn't a survivor. I was told how after her declawing the vet expected her to recover after a day and she didn't stand for three days. So the Evangelou's not owning nearly as many cats as the Straits and experiencing mourning once again, didn't fare so well and there was some crying. Things seem to be better today. Don't think there are plans for another cat any time soon.

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